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Zapraszamy do zapoznania się z projektami w dziedzinie ochrony i pielęgnacji roślin realizowanymi przez naszą firmę. Innowacyjne technologie pozwalają na poprawę kondycji zieleni w obszarach miejskich, jak również w prywatnych ogrodach.
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We invite you to find more information about our ecological projects in the areas of plant care and protection.

For years, our mission has been to protect plants and soils in the spirit of the Circular Economy. When developing new technologies, we place particular emphasis on the reuse of raw materials for the benefit of nature and the economy.

Our plant protection systems are used, among others, in highly urbanized areas, where trees have a particularly difficult fate. In cities, trees are exposed to winter salinity, limited gas exchange in the soil or poor access to water. Our ODSALAX / ODSALAX Foil technologies reduce the harmful effects of road salt on trees and improve their welfare. After the winter period, the natural Salix Viminalis willow absorber can be desalinated and used as mulch, improving the soil structure and enriching the mesofauna. The recovered salt can be reused in the next winter period.

The HEG organic-mineral agent allows to reduce surface evaporation, retains water that plants can use during drought and enriches the soil with nutrients enriching the mesofauna. Our observations show that it also scares away snails that damage cultivated plants.

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