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GALVI-19 antiviral paint

Permanent protection against coronavirus Without Chemicals!

A water-dilutable antiviral paint based on an innovative and patented technology of zinc and copper galvanic cells (Patent No. PL229012). On the painted surface creates a coating that eliminates over 99% of coranaviruses in just 4 hours!

It provides continuous disinfection in a manner that is safe for health and the environment, without the use of chemicals. The antiviral efficacy of the coating has been confirmed by the accredited laboratory of Virology Research Services Ltd. (University College London) accreditation # 111376 ISO / IEC 17025: 2017. The validation tests were carried out strictly with the ISO21702-2019 standard in the field of testing the virucidal properties of paint coatings.GALVI -19 has a Hygienic Certificate. Does not contain harmful organic biocides.

Eliminates the human coronavirus in 4 hours!

Take care of safety !

  • Effective – Eliminates the coronavirus in just 4 hours!
  • No biocides and alcohol – less chemicals in our environment!
  • Water-based – does not emit unpleasant odors
  • Simple application – painting as with ordinary decorative paint
  • Application: apartments, hospitals, schools, offices, food industry, etc.

How it works

The GALVI-19 is based on an innovative and patented technology of zinc and copper galvanic micro-cells dispersed evenly in the paint coating. Copper microcathodes and zinc microanodes are added to the base paint in the form of metal powders just before the painting process. GALVI paint enriched with microelectrodes, after drying, creates decorative and protective coatings with microelectrodes permanently anchored in the paint coating. Some fragments of microelectrodes protrude above the surface of the coating, which results from the appropriate selection of the grain size of the microelectrodes, their dendritic shape and optimized surface tension of the base paint.

In the absence of contamination, the copper and zinc galvanic cells remain at rest, releasing any substances, and the coating only serves a decorative and protective function, like any classic paint. The “intelligent” protective coating of GALVI is activated only when it is necessary, that is, when contaminated secretions of people infected with coronavirus or other pathogenic microorganisms hit it. Under the influence of moisture from droplet contamination (e.g. sneezing or coughing of an infected person) or the touch of a painted surface by infected people, zinc and copper galvanic cells embedded in the coating are activated and over 99% of coronaviruses are rendered harmless after 4 hours. Painted surfaces do not require additional disinfection with chemical disinfectants based on alcohol or chlorine.

The GALVI-19 coating has “self-disinfecting” properties. After the threat ceases, that is, inactivating viruses, the shell returns to a “standby” state. It is estimated that due to the periodic nature of the galvanic action and the purity of the metals of the microelectrodes, the coating should provide durable antiviral protection for a period of at least 4 years. Copper and Zinc used in GALVI-19 coatings as a small addition to a safe water-based paint do not pose a threat.

Interesting fact: 
“Jacques Dalibour, the chief surgeon in the army of Louis XIV, developed a recipe for the” ointment “that was treated by impetigo already around 1700. The basic ingredient of the ointment was a special solution of zinc and copper, which also effectively disinfected all kinds of cut injuries inflicted with sharp tools ”(The Healing Hand: Man and Wound in the Ancient World. P. 115)


Fast contact:

tel. (+ 48) 77-457-98-56; kom. (+48) 607-901-211

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1l – GALVI mat 63,00 zł netto | 74,49 zl brutto
4l – GALVI mat 246,00 zł netto | 302,58 zł brutto

1l – GALVI satyn 67,00 zł netto | 82,41 zł brutto
4l – GALVI satyn 262,00  zł netto | 322,26 zł brutto

Additional payment for colors other than white: PLN 2.50 net / liter

GALVI Virucidal paint

Technical data:

  • Coverage: 7-10 m2 / l
  • Finish: matte / satin / semi-gloss
  • Available in various colors
  • Eliminates the human coronavirus in 4 hours!
  • Excellent hiding power
  • Drying time: 1 hour
  • Capacities: 1L, 4L, 10L
  • Colors: White + on request (additional PLN 2.50 net per liter for colors other than white)
  • It does not drip from the roller during application
  • Application with a brush, roller or spray
  • Water-dilutable formula!
  • Virtually odorless!
  • Has a hygienic certificate
  • After mixing all ingredients, use Galvi-19 paint within 12 hours

Substrate preparation:

Old substrates:
– Undamaged, old substrates can be painted directly with GALVI-19 paint, after cleaning the surface from dirt and dust.
– Chalked coatings or substrates must first be primed with eg Primer Ag
– Remove old, loose and poorly adhering coatings, then prime with eg Primer Ag.
– Clean the places with fungus and remove the fungus using available methods (we also recommend removing the cause of fungus formation), prime with e.g. Ag Primer, then apply 2 coats of GALVI-19 paint.

New or unpainted substrates:
Fresh cement-lime plasters can be painted after 3-4 weeks of seasoning.
– Porous surfaces should be primed with, for example, Grunt Ag
Cracks> 0.5 mm wide: fill with sealing compound, eg Elastofill

How was the effectiveness of the coating tested?

The antiviral efficacy of the GALVI-19 coating was tested at the accredited laboratory of Virology Research Services Limited in Great Britain (University College London), accreditation # 111376 ISO / IEC 17025: 2017. The study was carried out strictly with the international standard ISO21702 on the human coronavirus NL63.

Conclusions from the study:

GALVI-19 exhibits virucidal activity against the human coronavirus NL63 with a contact time of 4 hours. (reduction of viruses over 99% in 4 hours). After 4 hours, the mean titer recovered for GALVI-19 was 3.73E + 00 TCID50 / cm2 compared to 6.72E + 02 TCID50 / cm2 for the control (unpainted) substrates.
R factor (antiviral activity) for GALVI-19 = 2.26 after 4 hours. According to ISO21702, R value ≥ 1 indicates antiviral efficacy.

Scientific basis of the GALVI-19 technology:

GALVI-19 is a patented and innovative hygienic coating. The scientific basis of the GALVI-19 technology has been published in prestigious scientific journals, including in Scientific Reports published by Nature, Links to articles: and

Intended use:

Decorative and protective painting of walls and ceilings in residential (rooms, kitchens, bathrooms), public facilities (hospitals, clinics, doctors’ offices, offices, hotels, schools, kindergartens, swimming pools) and industrial facilities, e.g. in the food industry. Suitable for application on mineral substrates (cement-lime plasters, plasterboard, etc.). The application of the system is very simple – it does not differ from the application of classic interior decorative paints.


The application of the coating is very simple. Proceed as in the case of the application of classic interior decorative paints. Suitable for application on mineral substrates (cement-lime plasters, plasterboard, etc.). The best results are achieved by applying with a roller, brush or spray. It is recommended to apply two layers with an interval of min. 1h. The capacity is 7-10 m2 / l.

Surface preparation tips:

Cleaning and preparation 
Old, previously painted surfaces in good condition Clean well, remove dirt, dirt, grease and dust, apply directly with GALVI-19. Before application, the surface must be clean and dry.
Heavily moldy, damaged substrates Clean, remove loose patches of old paint, grease, dirt, dust, e.g. mechanically with a spatula. Before application, the surface must be clean and dry. Apply Grunt Ag to disinfect and strengthen the substrate. After drying, apply 2 coats of GALVI-19 paint.
Dark, hard-to-cover stains from damp,  melanin. Clean the substrate, then apply a primer to stains and dirt with Hard Hat 2120 or BIN.
Crack bridging
Cracked plaster Fill with Elastofill sealing compound to bridge cracks, for additional mechanical protection we recommend using a substrate reinforcing mesh
Paint application According to Technical Data Sheet

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